We only offer residential addiction treatment through The Ridge Residential Treatment Center. If you need residential treatment call us. If you have Medicaid and are looking for outpatient treatment we can offer you a free referral to a trusted facility. All of our referrals are at no charge to you and we receive no financial benefits for referring you to an outpatient provider.

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How Binge Drinking Affects Different People

Binge drinking is a dangerous activity that has unfortunately become all too common. Perhaps associated most often with college students and young adults, binge drinking also occurs among high school students and older adults at alarming rates. According to a new...

Why is Peer Support Recommended in Recovery?

My clients get tired of hearing me tell them, “Go to a meeting…TODAY!” So why would I tell them to go to “a meeting”? Why do Northland and the Ridge recommend, no, PUSH attendance at outside sober (sober means not using mood altering substances and working towards...

Stigma of Addiction Hinders Treatment

As our country deals with an ongoing opioid addiction problem, there are many people in every community that are in need of drug addiction treatment. Help is available, but in many cases, the stigma associated with addiction is what is keeping individuals and their...

New Study Gives Ways to Manage Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

As our country's problem with opioid abuse and addiction continues to fester, it has far-reaching effects, including consequences for those who are near and dear to the addict. Financial trouble, relationship issues, and loss of productivity are all associated with...