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Small town U.S.A. used to be almost immune to drug addiction. But in today’s world, drug abuse, especially opiate abuse and heroin addiction, has spread from large urban areas to suburbs, small towns, and rural communities. One major reason this drug abuse has increased outside of large cities is no one is expecting it in the areas in which it is growing. Up until the last few years, residents of small towns didn’t see drug abuse very often among its residents. Today, our teens, parents, business professionals, and even leaders in the community are becoming addicted to some of the hardest drugs available.

As the rates of drug use and addiction have increased, the options for addiction treatment have also increased and improved. Rehab centers are much more skilled at getting to the root of drug and alcohol addiction, and as long as a person is open to treatment, they can be helped. Residents of Miamiville have a state-of-the-art drug rehab center just a few miles away. Northland Treatment Center, located in Milford, Ohio, serves individuals living in the greater Cincinnati area, including Miamiville.

Addiction Statistics in Clermont County

Clermont County reported 96 fatal drug overdoses in 2016, which was among the highest reported in the state (Clermont County Government). Statewide, there were 4,050 fatal drug overdoses in 2016, an increase of 32% from 2016. Nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 63,600 people died in 2016 from drug overdoses. That compares with the 2015 count of 52,404, most of which were opioid-related overdose deaths.

The state of Ohio and Clermont County are in need of better treatment options for opiate and other addictions, and it is important that we continue to create awareness for the problem so that residents seek help when necessary.

Resources for Miamiville and Clermont County

Several organizations and government entities are working to reduce the number of overdose deaths in Clermont County and provide ongoing support and resources to those with a history of addiction.

  • Clermont County Public Health (CCPH) is dedicated to the mission of striving to improve Clermont County by preventing disease, promoting health, and protecting the environment.
  • The Overdose Data Tool, created by Clermont County Public Health, is an online tool that provides information about the number of overdoses reported through local hospitals and emergency responders.
  • Clermont County Opiate Task Force aims to minimize opiate misuse, distribution, addiction, overdose, and deaths.
  • The Funders’ Response to the Heroin Epidemic (the FRHE) provides financial resources and strategic support to strengthen local communities’ response to opioid misuse and addiction.

Residents of Miamiville do not have to go very far to find effective addiction treatment. Northland Treatment Center, located just a few miles away in Milford, Ohio, is Cincinnati and the surrounding area’s number one resource for outpatient addiction treatment.

We offer the highest quality opiate rehab, alcohol rehab, and drug treatment. Our ambulatory detox program means you don’t have to stay away from home, because our medication-assisted detox will allow you to remain comfortable as you begin your journey to sobriety.

Outpatient Opiate Rehab

Northland is an outpatient opiate rehab and clients are free to live at home and attend sessions at our facility according to their treatment plan. We customize every client’s rehab so that their individual needs are met. Northland offers a more intensive SIOP (Suboxone Intensive Outpatient Program) which uses medications like Suboxone to manage detox and treat opiate addiction. The SIOP phase lasts one to two weeks after detox and then you will transition to our IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) which is three times a week for 12 weeks. We have morning and evening options available. After IOP you will attend 52 weeks of aftercare which is a once per week group. If you present to us with a substance use issue other than opiates you will be placed directly into the IOP level of care. We work with all major insurance companies and we accept Medicaid and private pay as well. Our SIOP program is covered 100% by Medicaid and for private insurance, it is covered as out of network.

If you or a loved one is in need of alcohol rehab or drug addiction treatment of any kind, the professional staff at Northland can help. We are ODADAS-certified (Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services), Joint Commissioned Accredited and our therapists are fully licensed in order to serve you better.

What truly sets us apart, however, is the fact that we treat each and every client with the respect and attention they deserve. We create individualized treatment plans that are based on a complete assessment of each client who walks through our doors, and our case managers ensure clients have the long-term resources they need to succeed.

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County, State, and Nationwide Drug Overdose Statistics:

  • 96 fatal drug overdoses were reported in Clermont County in 2016
  • Statewide, there were 4,050 fatal drug overdoses in 2016
  • Nationwide, an estimated 63,600 people died in 2016 from drug overdoses, most of which were opiate deaths

At Northland, we understand that people don’t stay sober by just receiving medication. That is why all of our MAT clients must attend our outpatient program.