Diagnostic Addiction Assessment

Evaluation of each patient begins with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment performed by one of our addiction counselors, addictionologists or physicians. Northland uses a number of methods to determine if an alcohol or drug use problem truly exists. If such a diagnosis is established, we then determine the extent or severity of disease, if there is a need for medical detoxification, and the level of care required to safely and successfully achieve sobriety. Each patient will be provided with an Individual Treatment Plan outlining our recommendations, including referral to other agencies or residential treatment facilities if that is in the patient’s best interests.

Patients who are assessed as physically dependent are further screened by our physicians for Outpatient Detox. Our physician’s evaluation will include a comprehensive medical history, physical examination, and laboratory studies. Patients with more severe or complicated withdrawal symptoms are referred to an inpatient, hospital-grade detox. In most cases, an internist on our staff can manage these client detoxes. Approximately 75% of dependent patients will be eligible for outpatient treatment with medication-assisted detoxification at Northland.

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