Mary Jo is one our staff members at The Ridge and Northland. Mary Jo assists clients and their families during the intake process and she also assists with our alumni program. She wants to share her message of hope to those stuck in active addiction. Here is an inspirational story that describes her and why she is so passionate about helping people get into treatment.

Do you want an answer to your problem?  Do you want people who see you as a person, not just another statistic?

I was once hopeless and didn’t know where to go, or what to do to break the cycle that had become “my life” although I wasn’t really living.  I had become a shell of a person.  If this rings true, why not try something different?  Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Northland was created as a safe place, a healing place to get treatment for your Substance Disorder as well as other co-occurring issues, including trauma and PTSD.   There are specialized groups and curriculum to assist you with the insight necessary to stay in RECOVERY.

RECOVERY is not an event, it is a process.  You don’t have to be alone.  Our disease wants us to isolate and believe that no one understands, no one loves us and that we are not worthy.  You are ENOUGH, and I have never met a fellow addict that wanted the life they have while actively using.

I love being in the solution, I am no longer afraid to show myself to you.  To anyone.  I don’t live in the dark because I have been given Grace, it can be yours.  All you have to do is show up.  I never intended to stay clean and sober when I walked into that first room of Recovery.  I had to keep it simple.  Just for today you can share my Hope.  Please you are worth so much more that you are getting.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.  Maybe today let a little light/hope in.  We want you to experience a better way to live.  Today I understand what it means to “be true to thy self”.

Mary Jo Stelzer – The Ridge Intake