Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much does Northland’s program cost?
    Your out-of-pocket cost, if any, will depend upon your health insurance coverage and benefits. Ohio Medicaid plans such as Molina, Buckeye, Paramount, CareSource and others will cover 100% of the program costs. With commercial insurance patient responsibility may vary. We recommend allowing our staff to verify your coverage when you call for an assessment.
  • How long does your program last?
    Intensive outpatient programs typically last 10-12 weeks but may vary based on individual progress in the program.
  • Do you accept my insurance?
    Northland participates with most insurance and managed care plans of the Greater Cincinnati Area. We will verify your insurance for acceptance. If you are out of network, our services will likely qualify for coverage and we will assist you to determine the reimbursement level.
  • Do you accept Self-Pay?
    Yes.  Payment plans are available. A deposit upon admission is required and payments need to be kept up to date as you engage in treatment.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Milford, Ohio just off of 275 at highway 50. See a map and directions under the Contact Us section of the website.
  • How many days or nights a week would I come?
    Intensive outpatient generally requires 3 sessions per week.
  • Are family members involved?
    Alcohol and drug addiction is a treatable, chronic disease that affects both the patient and their family. During the intensive outpatient program, family members are encouraged to participate in family education groups that are scheduled 1-2 times per week.  We do not have any costs associated with family-member attendance.
  • Are you a certified program?
    Yes. We are certified by the Ohio Department and Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Board (ODADAS) and Joint Commission Accredited.
  • Do I have to do AA/NA within your program?
    Our goal is to allow each person entering the doors of Northland to develop a realistic plan of recovery. In order to accomplish recovery, persons need to develop a sober support system. Attendance of AA and/or NA meetings will give each person an opportunity to not only gain new friends and support but also to get a recovery plan that is sustainable. We offer several open AA meetings per week at our facility.
  • What addictions do you treat?
    Northland treats drug and alcohol addictions and does not treat sex, gambling, food or other addictions.
  • Which specific drug addictions do you treat patients for?
    Besides alcoholism Northland has successfully treated patients for addiction to all of the following drugs:
    Street drugs: Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Crystal Meth, Marijuana, Synthetic Marijuana, Amphetamines, Steroids and Opiates.
    Prescription drugs: Suboxone, Methadone, Vicodin, Oxycontin, Ambien, Valium, Fioricet, Ativan, Xanax, Codeine and Percocet
    Other: Bath Salts
  • Do you have residential treatment and detoxification services?
    Northland does not provide any residential treatment or inpatient detoxification services. However, ambulatory / outpatient detoxification services are provided at Northland. Our sister company The Ridge provides residental treatment and can manage more complicated detoxes.
  • Can you force someone to drug rehab?
    The courts can recommend someone attend drug rehab, but no individual can force someone into drug rehab.
  • What about confidentiality?
    In order to protect our patients’ right to privacy, Northland will not release information about you or your participation in our program unless you give us written permission. We strictly follow HIPAA guidelines.
  • How do I begin?
    Following an assessment, our team will develop a drug or alcohol treatment plan that is personalized for you and your family.

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Call us anytime 24/7 if you have questions. If we do not answer leave a message and we will contact you.