The M.O.T.H.E.R. program is a 10-week course that offers expectant moms enrolled in Northland’s substance abuse treatment program an additional option for education and support. The curriculum is based upon Stephanie Covington’s A Woman’s Journal Helping Women Recover – A Program for Treating Addiction and participants are encouraged to adopt the Journal’s Sixteen Steps or Discovery & Empowerment.

The program’s focus in on abstinence-based recover with participants developing crucial maternal skills to achieve positive birth outcomes and lasting live changes for both mother and baby.

Specific data will be measured during the course of the program in an effort to track results and enhance future effectiveness. Data includes:

Toxicology results, outpatient treatment participation, compliance with prenatal appointments, gestational age at entry of care and gestational age at delivery.

Birth weight, gestational age, and hospital length of stay (LOS).

Postnatal Recovery, treatment retention, drug screen results, and breastfeeding outcomes.

Program participants will also be asked to monitor tobacco and nicotine intake while being provided cession resources and the support and encouragement needed to decrease activity.