Relapse Prevention and Aftercare

Northland’s relapse prevention plan is a service designed primarily for those who have completed individual counseling or an Intensive Outpatient Program and are fresh in recovery. One 90-minute evening session is held per week. Patients are expected to strengthen their coping skills and the tools necessary to sustain long-term recovery and avoid relapse. The length of the program is individualized, but typically lasts 52 weeks.

Why Aftercare?

Aftercare is an important component to preventing relapse since it occurs right after the end of treatment. Relapse prevention is designed to create a supportive and comfortable environment in which someone recovering from drug and/or alcohol abuse is able to speak openly about his or her feelings, struggles, temptations and strengths during the recovery process.

A relapse prevention plan should include independent, daily AA or NA meetings, and while Northland’s relapse prevention and addiction aftercare services are for our patients’ benefit, they are not a substitute for a consistent AA or NA schedule.

Preventing relapse is one of our goals as part of the overall treatment process, and our attentive, professional staff members are always available to discuss addiction aftercare with you or your family.